June 2019
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About Us

Who we are?

New Derin Security is a licensed risk management company based within KRG with well-established offices in Erbil and Duhok, manned by vastly experienced staff who has built up extensive contacts and solid working partnerships across the Kurdistan region. We offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of risk reduction, from corporate solutions, commercial risk, close protection and site security in support to international oil companies (IOCs), government and non-government agencies; we understand your requirements and are focused on limiting your exposure.

Our Mission

New Derin Security has tailored protective services in order to help our clients operate in complex environments. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive risk analysis of each client’s needs. We understand and believe that the only true constant in this world, is CHANGE.

We invest in our people, providing you assurance that our personnel are well trained and provide consistent standards across our projects, with attendant benefit back into the communities in which we work.

Continuous improvement methodology on our projects, applied through a robust and stringent Quality Management process that is conducted in collaboration with our customers.

Despite an increasing awareness of the need for proactive security measures, many companies continue to put off implementing sound security initiatives until they’ve suffered a loss as a result of ill prepared plans. The number of threats continue to grow and it is crucial that companies prioritize security as a result. Whether an organization is lacking in security program maturity or simply wants to expand their security capabilities, security service providers like New Derin are a valuable option in mitigating your physical and information security.

More About Us & our Team

New Derin Security, a licensed risk management company based in KRG with well-established offices in Erbil and Duhok, staffed by experienced men and women who have built up extensive contacts and solid working partnerships across the Kurdistan region. We welcome your inquiries, offering comprehensive solutions on risk reduction where we will thoroughly examine your requirements. Every partnership is different and each client unique, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Risk management is not just something for corporations or public bodies, but for any activity, short or long term. The benefits and opportunities should be viewed not just in the context of the activity but in relation to the many and varied stakeholders who can be affected.

Risk can be defined as the combination of the probability of an event and its consequences. Never eliminating completely but with considered forethought and planning, a reduction is highly achievable. It is the process where we methodically examine the risks attached to your activities with the goal of achieving sustained benefit within each activity and subsequently, across all activities.

We don’t consider ourselves having the only solutions and are no panacea, collaboration is important to us, listening is equally important in consideration of your reputation and market standing. Our aim is to partner with you and limit your exposure.