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NDS main focus is oil & gas companies in and around the KRG.

NDS has a variety in security offers, from PSD teams Static guards to security alarm system for houses and shops.

this all is done unther New Derin Security license registered in the KRG No. 85 

Static guards

NDS provides a 24/7 security service in the form of armed security officers. our security officers will secure your home, shops or other owned property 24/7.

PSD Teams

NDS's PSD teams are available for VIP in the KRG. all NDS PSD teams are fully equipt with all necessary equipment to execute the transport of VIP/Client at its best.

Security system

NDS has introduced the KRG with a premisses security system that will alarm client and NDS if fire breaks out or anybody is on clients property that is not allowed on clients property. this also includes cctv systems that can be monitored by client and NDS.

For an cotation please contact NDS on the contact details provided below.


Securiguard offers below services, tailored to your bespoke requirements

  • Manned Guarding
  • CCTV Operation
  • Patrolling and Lock Down
  • Escort Services
  • Access Control Management
  • Parking Control
  • Key Management
  • First Aid & Accidents
  • Event and VIP Security
  • Visitor Management
  • Security alarm system¬†
  • Incidents and Emergency Management

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